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Flamenco guitar for sale

klaatuklaatu Nova ScotiaProdigy Rodrigo Shopis D'Artagnan, 1950s Jacques Castelluccia
It may seem odd to be posting this in a GJ forum, but on the off chance that there is someone out there with an interest in flamenco, I'll do it anyway. Can't hurt.

I'm selling a beautiful 2016 Otto Vowinkel flamenco guitar, built to his specs by Antonio Picado of Spain. Vowinkel is a highly respected builder of classical guitars, with some of his instruments selling for many 1000s of dollars. I bought the guitar after spending the month of April last year in Seville and getting seriously turned on by the many flamenco concerts and late night bar sessions that we attended. I fully intended to pursue this seriously and began taking lessons from a terrific player/teacher in Halifax. At the time, it seemed to make sense to go ahead and get a high quality guitar rather than a cheap starter guitar, since I meant for this to be a long term investment.

Sadly, after much effort, I have come to realize that it just ain't gonna happen. The only way to put in enough hours to get anywhere with this incredibly challenging style of guitar would be to put all my effort into it, abandoning GJ (still my first love), and even then I honestly doubt that I would really get very far. I'm somewhat baffled by the many strange rhythms - Paco do Lucia said that he grew up with them, so they were no big deal to him - and my rasgueado still sucks after a year and probably always will.

So I'm giving up the quest and refocusing on GJ, as well as my other compatible love, Freddie Green style big band rhythm. Rather than post pictures here, I'll direct any interested parties to the Reverb listing. Note that the price is in Canadian $, and shipping to Canada and the US is free.

"It's a great feeling to be dealing with material which is better than yourself, that you know you can never live up to."
-- Orson Welles


  • morriconemorricone Asterstein, KoblenzNew Cigano GJ10 Harley Benton HBMC 500
    At some point when I can afford it, a flamenco guitar is on the list. I've had a book by Juan Martin for years but never really understood some of the Compasses. Ive spent a happy evening learning the Seguiriyas compas.It's getting there
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