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AK Picks

After a long time of very little playing cause of raising children ( they take all your time..) I am back trying to hit the guitar as many times as possible but more important I started to make gypsy jazz picks again.
Hopefully the older players still know my picks.. I started with one model, it’s the old model. I think it’s still verry good and stilI use it myself. I will soon come with more options. If you are interested please check AK plectrums in Michael’s webshop.


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    Could you give some info about the materials and if you can make them in various thickness'? There's isn't much on the Djangobooks page. Especially the "extra wide" is what I'm curious about.
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • Buco, it’s a composite material. The extrawide has following measurement:
    Size: 2,9 cm long, 3,0 cm wide, 4,6 mm thick.
    I make a same one now with griplines, they are a little thinner 4,4 or 4,5 mm, for the rest exactly the same. Attached a photo of both, with and without grip ( some prefer without, other people want as much grip as possible, matter of taste :-)
    I am working on smaller models as well, they will also be thinner. The one that Michael stocks now works best with this thickness. Thinner models need another shape.

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