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  • DarrenKingUK 12:27AM

Did anyone manage to download any of the performances by the Paulus Schäfer Trio & Mozes Rosenberg?

There were some really great performances by the Paulus Schäfer Trio & Mozes Rosenberg posted on the YouTube channel GypsyJazzStudent. These were performed at Hot Club de France Netherlands in Le Melangeur Geldermalsen May 16 2016. However to my dismay, that channel has been deleted and with it, all its videos.

There were at least 6 performances including Blue Bossa, China Boy, Coquette, Dark Eyes, Festival 48, and Minor Swing. I've managed to recover all performances from their still-remaining Facebook page except Coquette and Blue Bossa (which happened to be my favorite and I'm sad about that.)

I would like to recover all these videos if possible and get them reuploaded to YouTube to preserve them. Did anyone by chance download the video or audio of any of these performances?

Please let me know; thanks!


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