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New transcriptions from radio sessions 1947

PapsPierPapsPier ✭✭
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Duke and Dukie from August 1947
For Sentimental Reasons from september 1947 (what a sound! Django and Rostaing really create a special mood in that tune)

All the tunes recorded by Django and Meunier are now FULLY transcribed and available! I m not a big fan of Meunier sound but it is worth comparing at what Meunier played vs what Rostaing played on the same tune or comparing how Django plays when he accompanies Rostaing vs. when he accompanies Meunier.

I have 7 more tunes fully transcribed (and they are really rarely played) so stay tuned!

PS. I would like to know if anybody uses the playalongs I recorded. I recorded them for myself but I am not a pro and my recording system is not pro either. So I am not sure these playalongs are interesting for anybody (but me). If you think they are not too bad, I will update the website with the missing ones.

List of available transcriptions


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