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Django Inedits - Guitare Solo - Is it available on CD or MP3?

Chris MartinChris Martin Shellharbour NSW Australia✭✭ Petrarca, Di Mauro x 3, Sonora, Favino (classical), Bucolo, Patenotte, Hoyer, Martino resonator and a few electrics.
I have an old 7" EP on the HMV label of Django titled 'Inedits' (which just translates as unreleased) from the early '60s. It has Improvisation sur le thème de "Belleville" on one side and Improvisation sur le thème de "Nuages" on the other. The former times at 5.30 and the latter at 6.20. In fact if you play Nuages first and then turn it over it sounds like it might have been recorded in one take which was then cut to make the two sides. I have a turntable that can record vinyl as digital on the computer but the record has a few clicks and noises so I wondered if anyone knows if this is available on any CD or MP3 file? Does the Integrale set have everything he recorded on it, or just the regular catalogue? As I say, this was titled "Unreleased" ten years after Django passed.


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