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What if I can't hear the notes?

woodamandwoodamand Portland, ORâś­âś­âś­ 2015 JWC Favino replica
I have been working on the solo for Confessin' that I love you. Youtube is great and I have been slowing down the song, but even using this video: http://www.djangobooks.com/forum/discussion/10737/tab-for-confessin-django-solo there are still notes played to rapidly for me to make out.
So its a general question: how do I learn these things if the notes are so close together that at some point they become a blur?


  • BonesBones Moderator
    I just make something up if the recording quality is too poor to hear. That kind of makes it your own anyway.
  • I reckon this video is made to make you buy the transcription as indicated at the end of the video. So don't be surprised that the video don't help you! Incidentally you can get it free from the Ben Givan transcriptions.
  • PapsPierPapsPier âś­âś­
    Hi Francois, Dario is doing it for free too. It is just that he likes to know who is using his transcriptions and asks people to send him requests to receive the tab.

    But you re right that you should use the original recording to transcribe the parts you re missing instead of that video with poor audio.
  • Thanks PapsPier, sorry if I misjudged Dario.

  • A GentA Gent âś­âś­
    Tcha Limberger talks about what to do when you can't hear the notes in this interview. Priceless stuff as ever.

  • NylonDaveNylonDave Glasgowâś­âś­âś­ Perez Valbuena Flamenca 1991
    A Gent wrote: »
    Tcha Limberger talks about what to do when you can't hear the notes in this interview. Priceless stuff as ever.

    It is nice to hear common sense advice on craftsmanship and the delusion of 'shortcuts' being offered without the reflexive shallow contradictions of amateurs immediately drowning it out.


  • It's a long term solution.
    But after expanding a general knowledge of the genre, instead of looking for each note individually, you can start making educated guesses and try it out against the recording and realize you're either very close or spot on.

    I just found that out myself yesterday when transcribing Passion, Tony Murena waltz. There's a guitar part I've been learning. Couple of years ago I would've needed to listen to and find each and every note separately. But yesterday I was able to think kinda like "oh he's on such and such chord, let me try this arpeggio" and the whole thing went much faster than what I remember. I don't do much transcribing so this experience was a nice surprise to me.
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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