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Discography of Joseph Reinhardt, Eugène Vées etc.

Hi guys
as you may know, I have been focusing for more than a year now on the music of the New Quintett (the one with clarinet).
I transcribed a lot of tunes (as fully and accurately as I could) and I have now a database of around 80 tunes from 1940 to 1947 (some you wont find anywhere else).

In the beginning I tried to write just a little bio sketch for each musician to get a sense of who they were, what was their career before the Quintet, during and after. Sometimes this info was really hard to find!
But this past month I have been working on something more detailed: a full discography for each musician. It is not as fun to read as a text, since it is just a succession of dates and names of musicians but it is really interesting to get a sense of what was the career of each musician.

If you take the clarinetists: Meunier stuck to jazz until the end of his life (even if he played some rock, it was just for fun and with jazz musicians, I let you go and check the video of this french rock 'n roll), Lévecque switched to be an arranger and composer of "illustration" music (to be used by TV producers for example) and there are some fun funky music (and he has some fans for this work), Rostaing did almost everything in the music field (arranger, composer, director, clarinet and sax player for jazz, singers, for light music and even for classical modern music)

You ll also be able to hear and compare the pompe sound of Joseph vs. Eugene as the recordings are organized by player. You'll also enjoy some cool sounds: a lot of tunes have been put for free on Internet by Paris public library or the French public library.

Enjoy all that! Your thoughts are welcome on the organization of the rcordings but also on the sounds you are hearing!

Disco of Joseph
Disco of Hubert

To see the other ones, you need to go on the page dedicated to each musician and click on the link called Voir la discographie de ... on top of this page.


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