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Green Mountain Jam 9/22 - 9/24, Killington, VT

ctdavectdave Connecticut / VermontNew Shelley Park Encore
Our 2017 Green Mountain Jam is happening in 2 weeks! Last year’s event was lots of fun, hoping to make it even better this year. We’ve got a large (10 bedroom) lodge in Killington VT, with lots of great living/playing space, or you can make your own arrangements for accomodations. The event starts on Friday, 9/22 through Sunday, 9/24. Bring barbeque style food, and beverages of your choice. PP cost TBD (depends on number of attendees). For reservations or more information, contact Dave at sys410@gmail.com, or go to our online signup sheet (be sure to include your email address after your name).

Green Mountain Jam signup sheet: https://doodle.com/poll/zbyeef8a55mu96f2



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