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  • SwingOfFrance 4:41AM

Output on the Peche a la mouche amp?

Hey all!
I've got the 6w amp and have concluded I need more volume whitout it crackling into full distortion. (need to compete with loud hornsection and drummer in a swing band). Is it possible to use the "input/output"-jack on the amp in some way to achive this? more volume but still clean tone, or at least not full distortion.

Im thinking of the "input/output" like a line out jack and thought maybe to hook it up to a aux-in on a PA or another amp--

but then there is that warning disclaimer "do never put a input from another speaker...something something" that I dont fully understand..

Will my amp blow up if I try to "line out" från that jack to a pa? what do you think?

regards from sweden!


  • Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆVirtuoso 503
    edited September 2017
    You don't want too much output from the amp itself up on stage, just enough to hear yourself OK. Otherwise, the drummer's snare will start to sing along with everything you play, in a very annoying way (sympathetic vibrations). Or worse, you'll blow out the ears of the guys sitting nearby to you, and they'll hate you.

    Some nights I also play with the 6W peche amp in a big band swing orchestra with horn section and drummer at the Green Mill here in Chicago. I don't know about that input jack, but we put a mic right in front of the amp, and that goes to the desk for the sound guy to put however much into the mix. Works pretty well. Did you consider that?
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