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  • Lango-Django 11:51PM

Ischell, Stimer & Audio-Technica pickups for sale! - PRICE DROP!!!

harlemjoysharlemjoys Central Jersey✭✭✭
edited August 11 in Classifieds

I have an Ischell Inside Box + CPJ pickup and a Stimer (Dupont reisue) ST48 pickup for sale.

I also have a Audio-Technica PRO 70 Cardioid Condenser Lavaliere/Instrument Microphone and an Audio-Technica AT8418 Unimount Microphone Instrument Mount for sale.

I have just lowered the prices on all the above items on August 11, 2017. They are priced to move.

The Ischell is $250 and the Stimer is $240.

The Audio-Technica PRO 70 Microphone is $85. The Audio-Technica Microphone Mount is $35.

All of the equipment listed above is used and in excellent condition.

I will let everything go for $560. Buyer pays for shipping.

Message me if interested, thanks!



  • Lango-DjangoLango-Django Niagara-On-The-Lake, ONModerator
    edited August 15
    Sorry, I'm not a customer but... have you ever thought that maybe God is trying to tell you not to sell that Ischell + CPJ pickup?

    I say that because mounting my Ischell stick-on pickup inside the guitar was the greatest tech move move I ever made. Right underneath the bridge, between the A and D strings, that was the sweet spot for me.

    Never feeds back, can now plug my cord directly into the tailpin jack and the sound is so sweet it doesn't even need any eq-ing... chords sound like little pink puffballs unless you hold them longer, then they chime endlessly with a nice natural reverb effect... single notes are very present, warm and thick, especially in the midrange...

    Plus, I saved the best for last---- you know those annoying screechy finger-string noises that normally force you to use an EQ to eliminate? Well, when the pickup is inside, it doesn't recognize or reproduce any of that sound.

    If your Ischell works as well inside your guitar as mine did, you're gonna be very happy that you didn't sell it... just sayin'

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