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  • fretwear 9:16PM

Selmer Project

Got chance to see the Semer Project at a local festival on Sunday - Jazz in Langourla

Gwen Cahue - Sebastian Ginaux - Antoine Boyer - Jérémie Arranger - Ghali Hadefi

I think Gwen was stepping in for Adrien Moignard who was listed in the program ..... he did a great job, big shoes to fill !!

Great fun and and a different format based around the Guitar - I believe they were playing another 600 series selmer owned by Daniel Givone who had been there doing a masterclass during the festival.

Sebastian grabbed the Contrebasse for the final song and amused everyone with his drollness and a few with his skills on it :)

If you get chance check out the selmer projet.

BucoBill Da Costa Williams
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