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  • fretwear 9:17PM

strings gauges-sound quality-

Hi guys

I know people have different preferences in relation to strings gauges. Some people like thinner, some people like thicker strings. In terms of sound quality, do you think it is possible to achieve proper gypsy jazz sound if your strings are too thin ? Is there certain limit below which you can't achieve proper gypsy jazz sound ? Can you have argentines 9-46 and still produce acceptable fat sound ? Well it probably has to do with personal preferences again. Some people probably like fatter tone and some people like thinner tone. What are your opinions guys in terms of strings gauges ? By the way, I love the sound on these strings in this clip . Can you guess what is the gauge of the strings used here ?


  • I went back and forth between 10s and 11s and wouldn't say the difference was thinner and fatter. Rather 11s were tighter sounding with more of a fundamental sound and 10s were more supple and allowed more overtones to be heard from the single notes, at least that's how my guitar responded to them. I mostly use 10s now but that has more to do with the set up and wanting to put less stress on the neck.
    With either the tone you get will depend on your technique much more than the gauge.
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  • Depends on the guitar. On my maple DuPont 10's sound too thin and trebly 11's much better. On my Dunn, 11's are a little bassier than I like whereas 10's sound just right.
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  • Andrew UlleAndrew Ulle Cleveland, OH✭✭✭ Antoine DiMauro modele Django
    Also, since 10's put less tension on the neck and top, the action will be slightly lower. That could affect tone slightly, but mainly, if your action is low already, you could get more fret buzz than you'd like with the lighter strings.
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