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Guitar teacher recomendations

Can anyone recommend a good teacher in the Long Island NY area


  • sadowsadow âś­âś­ Altamira M30 Antique
    Frank Vignola springs to mind.
  • NylonDaveNylonDave Glasgowâś­âś­âś­ Perez Valbuena Flamenca 1991
    edited July 2017
    My two cents.

    Now I don't know much about guitar, as you all know. But round my way we had a teacher that was universally loved by all his pupils.

    Charming and charismatic nothing was too much effort for him. If a child had some difficult math homework he would simply do it and let the child copy out the answers. If they needed help with Spanish pronunciation but couldn't read or construct a sentence and had no real interest in Spanish culture or History, no problem, he would tirelessly teach them phonetically by rote very long and complicated paragraphs of verse that the child needn't bother about the meaning of.

    And listening to the results literally from the mouths of babes or seeing the marks for coursework the parents were over the moon, for these children were streets ahead of where their mums and dads had been at their ages.

    Perhaps some of you have guessed what happened when the test results came in ???

    Yup that's right, all the kids did fabulously because he was indeed a very modern and clever teacher and modern testing is scrupulously.

    But despite all the positive evidence and testimonials I guess I am just old and grumpy,I do miss the old days when people could do basic arithmetic, and old Jose had someone to talk to about his many worries.

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