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Organizing Digital Recordings

New here and this is my first question so if I'm messing anything up please let me know.

Just wondering how you approach the quantity of recordings and how you know what you are listening to. My music listening has generally moved to Spotify + Youtube, but mostly spotify. It seems difficult if not impossible to keep track of what year a Django recording comes from on spotify. I'm not averse to buying mp3s and can download stuff from youtube too but I'm wondering if there is a preferable way to keep track of Django's records and versions and if any particular labels MP3s are tagged in a helpful way. It looks like the All That Jazz series is maybe the best but on Spotify they are not tagged well either.

I don't have a CD player anymore although maybe I'll get one. Mostly listen on iphone at this point.



  • Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆVirtuoso 503
    Well I never had this problem with Django since Intégrale Django Reinhardt is grouped and ordered by date.

    If it's something hearing on spotify or youtube, and you wonder what year/recording it is, you might have some luck to use Shazam app
  • Pretty much what Wim said. I bought my Django collection pre-organized by date.
  • BonesBones Moderator
    Yeah don't know Spotify but have all the Integrale CDs which I think is pretty much a complete collection of his recordings??? Yes also look it up on Youtube. Most people note the year the song was recorded.
  • Actually what's even worse about Spotify is how they arbitrarily take away and add things to their catalogue. It used to be entire collection that Ted Kendall remastered was available and they took it out a few years ago and now Rome sessions and postwar recordings are available but not the Hot Club stuff.
    This collection was the next best thing and you could just find a CD liner info online and compare.

    There used to be a saying in the old country that you saved for your worse enemy: "I wish that you have it and then that you don't".
    And that's exactly what they do, drives me nuts.
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • This is why I still have a turntable, a CD player, a cassette deck. . . . And all the music in the various formats that I've accumulated over the last fifty-some years. (Of course, I haven't had to move in the last forty. And have a large basement.)
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