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Eastman's gypsy prototype

sadowsadow ✭✭ Altamira M30 Antique
New article on choosing an instrument and Eastman's attempt at building a production gypsy guitar:



  • NejcNejc Slovenia✭✭ Altamira M01
    edited May 2017
    If they gonna produce the same quality to price ratio as the other archtop guitars they make, is gonna be almost a no brainer to buy one.
  • Nice "101" article. I find it interesting that Eastman might be getting into the business. I happen to own an Eastman electric archtop, a Manouche Latcho Drom an Altamira (D-holes), and Castelluccia (petite bouche). Between the three Selmer/Mac guitars, I think there are noticeable differences between all three. All three feel "quality" in the hand on the eyes, but the Altamira needed some work (fret dressing, truss rod tweaking, added height to lower/high 'E' side of bridge). I'm hard pressed to say which I like best, but each sounds distinct to each other; none distinctly overall better or worse than the other, just different with different sound qualities.

    I mention this because I'm curious about the particular "sound" Eastman/Bakert are aiming for. I have no doubt that they make quality products. I suppose it's good that they even have a target.

    I wonder what it means, market-wise, that they're even entering the product category. They wouldn't be doing it if there wasn't money to make.
  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Eastman sent me a prototype around 5 years ago. It was nicely made but definitely needed a lot of work. They recently picked up the project again and have bought some hardware from me for the latest prototypes. I look forward to seeing how they turn out....
  • Readily available, affordable, well made guitars...that's something to be on board with.
  • McQMcQ Fayetteville, ARNew Gitane DG-310 Lulo Reinhardt
    edited May 2017
    Eastman teased on their Facebook page last Sept (2016) with a pic and this:
    "Sneak peak of the new Gypsy guitar. #comingin2017 #factoryfriday"

    I've loved every Eastman I've played, even if they weren't or were the best exact replica of the intended looking historical model (Martin, Gibson, Taylor). Whatever they do, I always love it. I'm extremely excited about this, and although I sold my Gitane DG300 a few years ago I would probably get back into this music in a second with an Eastman. They've got me.

    (side note, I sold the Gitane because I just couldn't get along with the longer scale length and neck profile in the end. I know that's a part of the sound, but it was too much. I've been looking at an Eastman oval hole here and there but they're hard to find and I'm still just not sure. But I love the scale and neck. I wish I could get that Gibson or Fender scale on a 14 fret to body, combined with the catapaulting, exploding quality of the Gitane I had, and for $1000 or under. Maybe one day...)

  • DragonPLDragonPL Maryland✭✭ Dupont MD 50-XL (Favino), Castelluccia Tears, Gitane DG-250M and DG-250
    More and more mainstream makers are looking into GJ guitars, isn't Godin making one too?
  • edited May 2017
    I wonder what price point are they going for.
    Whether it's gonna have Altamira entry level price or be more of a higher end offering.
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • woodamandwoodamand Portland, OR✭✭✭ 2015 JWC Favino replica
    Funny, when I was looking for an archtop a couple of years ago, I played a ton of Eastmans. They were all of very high quality build, all looked beautiful - and I didn't like the sounds of any of them at all. So it is as always all in the ear of the beholder, eh?
  • Brad HermanBrad Herman San Francisco, CANew JWC Modele Jazz, Alexander Polyakov Selmer #6
    Very interested in checking one out... Hopefully they will be available fairly soon. I played one Eastman acoustic a few years ago that I didn't like much, but I loooove my Eastman mandolin.
  • mcgroup53mcgroup53 Bloomington, IN USA✭✭✭✭ 1951 Ep Broadway
    Really too bad their D-hole guitar won't have the traditional 12-fret neck and shorter scale length. There's still a market, IMO, for the Maccaferri-design Selmer rhythm guitar
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