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2011 Zwinakis petite bouche - SOLD

I'm selling my guitar made by Peter Zwinakis petite bouche Selmer-style guitar in 2011. This was originally listed as a "Mystery Guitar" by Michael in 2011 with the original listing below. I've confirmed with Peter Z in an email that this was built by him. There are no markings of provenance. I would describe the condition as "good" as this was a gigging guitar.

The guitar was originally listed with action at 3.6mm, but I've since changed the bridge to a Tommy Davy bridge (https://www.djangoguitarstore.com/FrenchSelmerGuitarBridges-p/dgb.htm) with the action sitting somewhere around 3mm...maybe slightly little higher. It is comfortable loud playing guitar. The top is spruce, the back and sides are solid Indian rosewood, and the neck is walnut. The interior is lacquered and the top has a real heat bent pliage. This guitar comes with a brown Superior Deluxe hard case. In a note from the builder, Peter Zwinakis from my original inquiry:
"I did build that guitar. It is German Spruce, solid indian rosewood, euro walnut neck, ebony fingerboard.. rosewood binding.. double action truss rod, nitro lacquer finish.. All the best stuff."

I am listing this without current photos, but I will put them up in a later post. The guitar has some dings and some pick checking in the obvious spot under the sound hole. Pictures will illustrate all flaws. Other than the bridge and use, this guitar has not changed very much from the photos listed in the original posting below.

This was my main guitar, gigged approximately twice a week, until ~ October 2013, when I bought one of Craig B's Derecho models and has continued to be my home rehearsal guitar to this day. This is not a quiet guitar by any stretch, either in color or in sound.

<EDIT> This has been sold </EDIT>

The original listing is still active here:

Brand Mystery
Year 2011
Model Number Selmer Copy
Serial Number None
Sound Hole Oval
Fret Neck 14 Fret
Condition New
Size 15 3/4"
Scale Length 670mm
Nut Width 1 3/4"
Body Depth 3 7/8"
Top Spruce
Back and Sides Indian Rosewood (Solid)
Neck Walnut
Fingerboard Rosewood
Binding Rosewood
Finish High Gloss
Tailpiece DR Gold
Tuners 3 on a plate Gold
Action 3.6mm
Strings Argentine 1510
Case Superior Deluxe Brown
Pickup(s) None
Truss Rod Yes
Weight 4.05 lbs


  • A couple of questions were asked in a private message and I'll do my best to answer these:

    - Fret wear?- There is some fret wear as I've played it. I've experienced no buzzing. I owe some pictures and feel that these would give an accurate depiction of the current state.

    - Truss rod?- As listed, there is a truss. I've never adjusted the truss rod nor have needed to have it adjusted.

    - Action - Described as above to the best of my ability. I'm happy to take a measurement in your prescribed method. I can't speak to individual preferences in terms of "acceptable" action, but the general preference for action at the 12th fret tends to be somewhere between 2.8 and 3.0mm as I have read from the forum here. I've seen and played guitars with actions set higher and lower.

    - Are there intonation problems with the action high? - No more than you would see on any of these guitars. I don't bother changing bridges seasonally so I've adjusted intonation by moving the bridge forward or back on the top of the guitar in the winter. Also, these have been quickly solved by humidifying when I did not keep it in the case.

    My guess is that these questions are asked to determine if this guitar is gig worthy or if the potential buyer might invest in a set-up. It couldn't hurt to invest in a set-up for any newly purchased guitar as it would likely bring any guitar into a condition that is well suited to the buyer's preference.

    I'm happy to answer further questions to the best of my ability.

    Thanks for your inquiries and consideration,
  • I haven't seen a better deal on the hand made guitar in a long time
    Jim Kaznosky
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • Thanks Buco. I have another one coming in this week and need to make room in my tiny apartment in JC. The person I'm buying a guitar from locally has the same issue as me - small apartment and the guitar would just sit in it's case forever un-played. It's better for me to take a hit and get it out there.
  • Andrew UlleAndrew Ulle Cleveland, OH✭✭✭ Antoine DiMauro modele Django
    That's a great price on a luthier-made instrument. Why get a factory guitar when you could get hand-built? Some lucky soul will get this guitar - I can't believe it will be up long.
    Jim Kaznosky
  • Photos. Sorry for the morning light reflection. I could not take a picture in the am of the fret condition. I can do this later.
    By image number:

    71-Full image.
    73-shows flaw in the top; left side above the bridge and near tailpiece; both of these appear to be surface level cracks. They have not moved or expanded since 2012. Spoke to Rodrigo Shopis who advised that I keep it humidified.
    75- shows slight back scratches.
    76 - shows slight nicks on headstock
    77- shows nicks on binding, lower bout
    78- shows pick checking, under bouche
    79 - close up of the lower top flaw
    80- more binding nicks


  • Do you have the original bridge?
  • Yes. The original bridge, according to the builder, is a Dupont rosewood bridge.
  • Zouny1Zouny1 Sydney Australia New
    I'm very keen but I'm in Australia. Would you ship here?
    I could possibly organize something for CITES through my luthier
  • I'm sorry. I'd rather not ship abroad without the paperwork and be liable.
  • How many top braces does it have?
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