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Difference between D Hole and Oval model necks - if any

I recently purchased a Latcho Drom Manouche D-Hole. The neck feels different, flatter, than a Manouche Latcho Drom Nuages Oval-hole that I had a few years back. Am I correct in my assumption? I don't remember the Nuages model's neck being flat. I thought it filled my hand more.

Thanks for any insight.


  • I don't know about these particular guitars but necks do vary across gypsy guitars - in fact, gypsy guitars in general are much more varied than you would think from looking at pictures on the internet. I believe the original Maccafferris (the D-Holes) had a fat neck, probably because there was no truss rod. The video of Django's later Selmer (the Oval-hole) posted here recently showed a much thinner neck, much better for faster playing. I have two D-holes, one with a fat neck and the other with a thinner neck.
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  • montemonte ‚ú≠
    thanks. i guess my guitar has a flat D shaped neck. it is not terrible to play. i just wanted to know why i was feeling the different neck shape from the same manufacture.
  • richter4208richter4208 ‚ú≠‚ú≠‚ú≠
    Here's my understanding. The Manouche Latcho Drom guitars are exactly the same guitar as a Altamira guitars only difference is setup in USA different hardware, bridge etc....but same guitar otherwise. That being said, the Altamira/Latcho Drom guitars were revamped at some point and the neck shape is now rounded rather than flat d shape like yours. Sounds like you got one that was made several years (even if you bought it new) and it is the older style neck. By the way, I have the same guitar only its an Altamira (upgraded tuners/bridge fretwork etc done by awesome luthier in nashville) with the flat D shape neck. I took a while but I totally got used to it. Its awesome and it WILL work for you give enough play time. Stick with it. I just got an AJL guitar with a super fast C shape neck and honestly I can play the same on either neck, it's all what you are used to. Good luck.
  • montemonte ‚ú≠
    @richter - mine was built 2011. so you may be correct in your statement. i am playing it, still feels funky but i am sticking with it. at some point, i plan to either upgrade or maybe just pickup an oval hole version. right now, i i just need to play and learn :)
  • Andrew UlleAndrew Ulle Cleveland, OH‚ú≠‚ú≠‚ú≠ Antoine DiMauro modele Django
    I had a guitar with the flattened-D shaped neck, and it took a long time to get used to the shoulders on the neck. It made it difficult to use my thumb on the low E, and if I had kept that guitar, I would have had the neck planed down just enough to round the corners off.
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