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Finding my way back to Gypsy Jazz

Hi All
I started learning GJ in 2015 but had to abandon my lessons due to family life pressures. Anyway...I have gotten the bug to play again and find that I will have some time on my hands to play. I have a Manouche Latcho Drom by Dell Arte D-hole arriving tomorrow and am exited again. Last time I was fortunate enough to be able to take lessons; this time I think I will have to rely on books and videos. If anyone can make some suggestions, I would appreciate it. I don't mind paying for online lessons. Also, I would love to find others to get together with. If anyone is near Staten Island NY and doesn't mind jamming with a newbie, I would also appreciate that.

Thanks in advance and hope to be part of the community again.

BucoDavid LawrenceJosechiky


  • dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
    edited April 2017
    Go to the jam sessions in New Jersey and New York! It's the best way to learn. Books and videos and all that stuff are fun and can be useful, but nothing beats being part of a community. I own an actual online business dedicated to learning Gypsy Jazz, and I'm saying this because it's the truth!
    Andrew UlleJosechiky
  • edited April 2017
    Welcome back!

    If you have 2 minutes a day to practice take it and make use of it. And when I say 2 minutes I really mean 2 minutes.
    Go through a song progression, go through a scale, figure out inversion of a chord... do one thing with those 2 minutes.
    You need to decide exactly what are you going to do prior to picking up the guitar though.
    It may not do a heck of a lot for your playing but it's can do a lot for your attitude and state of mind.
    Plus you'll be surprised how many times you'll pick up a guitar to use those 2 minutes but end up spending 30 or more.

    I've wasted a lot of valuable time thinking I didn't have time to practice. Yeah I was putting a ton of hours working but everyone has 2 minutes every day.
    Plus a teacher did me disservice by telling if you don't have at least 20 minutes it's not even worth picking up the guitar.
    So wrong!
    2 minutes is worth it believe me.
    Having a guitar in your hands every day and having that continuance does a lot for your motivation and feeling of accomplishment. And it's teaching you to practice every day so when you do have time you'll have that habit formed and you're still learning small chunks.

    Don't get yourself overwhelmed with material now.
    Learn songs, I think that should be the first priority.
    So you can get into jamming.
    Pick a few tunes you want to learn and listen to them until you can sing them back to back, then it'll be easier to learn to play them.

    Good luck!
    altonAndrew UlleJosechiky
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • Get out to some of the jams and get onto the scene. Even if you aren't playing, just hanging around the scene can be motivating. Stephane's jam in Jersey City is inclusive of all levels. There is one next Wednesday from 7-10pm that I think Dave Gross might be running. I don't go as much as I want to, but when I do, it is always welcoming and there's no vibing.

    Also, there is a NYC-centric Facebook group for gigs and jams. If you're on facebook, hit me up with a friend request and I'll send you the link to the group.

    I'll echo that getting a guitar into your hands daily for whatever time you can afford is better than not playing at all. There's a lot of stuff that you can potentially learn, but focus on one thing at a time and learn it well. It's better to play one thing really well rather than playing ten things not so well.

    Andrew Ulle
  • thanks to all the suggestions. they all make sense, especially playing everyday. my guitar arrived today and i am going to play tonight. i am going to find something to start with and stick with it.

    @Jim - I sent you a friend request on FB.

    thank you again for the help and encouragement. let's see how this goes :)
  • I added you to the Gypsy Swing NYC and Transcribe Django Solos groups on Facebook. Enjoy and maybe I will see you out.
  • thanks Jim. i was just checking out the groups. much appreciated. hope to see you too. maybe you can teach me a few things :)
  • Andrew UlleAndrew Ulle Cleveland, OH✭✭✭ Antoine DiMauro modele Django
    You are so lucky to have any jams nearby, not to mention one with Stephane Wrembel! There are none to had for love or money around here... :(. I know from experience with rock music, playing with others is the best way to improve.
  • michaelkash5michaelkash5 New York, New YorkNew Martin DR
    Monte, I have been playing for a long time, but am new to gypsy jazz and NYC. I would be available to jam, If you like. I'm in midtown. Jim- if I send you a request, can I be added as well?
  • tbleentbleen Astoria QueensNew Gaffiero
    Hey, if any of you NYCers want to join, my friend is having a tiny birthday jam gathering on the north side of Central Park this Saturday. We've both been playing this style for only about two years so it'll be very casual and open to any level.
  • sure. It's not my group, but I can add you.
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