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  • MichaelHorowitz 9:23PM

Today's Birthday


In The Style Of Stochelo videos reissued with TAAABs



  • fourowlsfourowls Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaNew Petrarca Grande Bouche
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    juanderer wrote: »
    fourowls wrote: »
    juanderer wrote: »
    And that's $24.99 CAD which is about two hamburgers and a milkshake USD
    LOL...well I live in Australia so CAD is almost on par with our currency whereas the almighty USD is about 25% stronger (or more at times).
    How many burgers and milkshakes does that buy you?
    LOL..I am meant to be on a diet but 'my friend' told me that apparently I can buy 3 Big Macs and a softdrink for that....but really though give me sushi anyday!! In the past the AUD actually was 1/2 of the USD...
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