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Anyone ever heard of Adam Weston guitars??

My brother picked up a guitar from a music shop in Kent, England which on its inner label says that it was made by a maker from Walthamstow, London called Adam Weston. It also has written in pen on the label "Diz Disley" (I am assuming that this is what he called the model, and isn't a guitar that was once owned by Diz which he decided to write his name inside...). On the headstock, there is a W in gold script. I love the guitar, plays very nicely with traditional design and sound. My brother paid around 300-400 pounds which I consider a bargain. It's clearly hand built to a good standard, needs some adjustments now but after a visit to a luthier it will be a great guitar. I'm sorry I don't have the ability to give photos. I have tried to research this guitar and have found absolutely zip. I estimate it is at least 20 years old, and as such the maker never had a website.

I know it's a long shot as there are many independent makers out there, but has anyone ever come across a guitar made by this dude? I'd like a little more information on a guitar that I've grown pretty fond of.


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