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Al Caseys Buck Jumpin

TomNTomN New Eastman 805
I visit this forum for years now, but this is my first post. My (serious) hobby is acoustic jazz guitar playing, mainly (or almost exclusively) rhythm. I play an acoustic archtop, and that's way I'm sending this to the Eddie Lang Club.
I want to work on Al Caseys 'Buck Jumpin', i.e. make a play along of the changes and than fiddle around with the melody. However, and I can't seem to find a lead sheet or anything to help get started. Any hint would be very welcome.



  • Lango-DjangoLango-Django Niagara-On-The-Lake, ONModerator
    Posts: 1,306
    Hi Tom, nice to hear from you.

    Unfortunately, I don't know of any sheet music or tab for this tune, so you are pretty much going to have to work this one out for yourself.

    That being said, if you encounter any rough patches, I would be willing to see if I can help you, and there are probably lots of others around here able and willing to do the same.


    I've been a fan of Fats Waller's wonderful rhythm section ever since the sixties, when as a teenager I discovered that the public library in Akron, Ohio, had a good collection of reissue jazz albums. That's how I discovered both Fats and Django, because you couldn't find their records at the local mall!


    In the 1980's, Time-Life Records issued some nice historical jazz collections on vinyl, among them "The Guitarists" which of course included both Django and Lang, and also Al Casey.

    I've scanned some of the notes from that reissue set and they are attached in case you haven't seen them.

    BTW, I didn't include the section with Al Casey's bio, so let me know if you want me to scan that, too. Al Casey began playing with Fats Waller in 1933 at the age of 17, and his musical career continued pretty much until his death in 2005. A trombone player friend of mine was fortunate enough to play in a jazz festival pickup band backing Al shortly before his death and spoke of him with reverence.


    I live in a little tourist town called Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada, which is about twenty miles north of Niagara Falls.

    If you are ever planning on visiting the beautiful Niagara area, feel free to PM me and perhaps we can get together and do some jamming.
  • TomNTomN New Eastman 805
    Posts: 3
    Thanks for the quick reply. The notes are a good starting point. I have infos about Al' Caseys bio somewhere, so no need to scan that.

    Thanks again


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