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Quintet HCF with clarinet - Transcriptions

Hi all the clarinet players of this forum!!
I have started this project of transcribing the solos of clarinet from the recordings of Django in Quintet formation.
I do it because it helps me to read music, to strengthen my rhythmic skills and to see how they improvise in clarinet. I write down the solos using Lilypond.
I already have a couple ready Danse Norvegienne and Folie a Amphion, from 1947, Blues, Swing 41 from 1940. I also have some other that should be ready soon.

Let me know if some of you are interested by that. It may be interesting for clarinet players who know how to play but are beginners to jazz language.
Bill Da Costa WilliamsAndyW


  • spatzospatzo Virtuoso
    Excellent idea! I'm interested in receiving your transcriptions (are they available in pdf version?)
  • Hello Spatzo
    yes they are in pdf. Do you want that in Bb key or C?
    I also have All of me and Fantaisie sur une danse norvegienne de 1940 who are available.
    I plan to gather that and present the transcriptions with some information related to the musicians, sessions on a webpage when I will have enough material ready.
  • spatzospatzo Virtuoso
    I prefer in C as I am used to transpose at sight from C for instruments in Bb and Eb (old alto sax player). Many thanks!
  • Ok I ll prepare that then
  • TubaphoneTubaphone Kansas Mateos Django
    I'd love to have them in Bb if it is not much trouble...

    My wife is a wonderful clarinet player, but more from a classical background and is still wrapping her head around this music, which she also loves. I think your transcriptions will help her to understand some of the phrasing and improvisation.

  • Sure they are ready in Bb already. Just mp me your email address and I ll emailyou what I have(in a few days bc i m away). I m happy that it can be useful to some of you. The example you give is exactly what I have in mind. Back in Paris I was trying to find aamateur players to play but all the clarinets had classical background and no idea how to improvise....
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