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Using a guitar that isn't anything like a Gypsy Jazz guitar

Hi, as I'm fairly inexperienced in the realm of GJ (though I do practice a lot) I'm wondering about the suitability of my guitar. Having never accompanied anyone or gigged I'm wondering that if I took 'the next step' whether a) the sound would be too quiet or b) it would be frowned upon by players/potential audience. My guitar is an Art&Lutherie guitar made of cedar, is a nice shade of blue and has a cutaway. Its also got a piezo pickup under the bridge. I've no idea what the sound level is like compared to a GJ guitar (unamplified) However, its cheap (I don't worry too much about it) and portable. Would gigging using the pickup be a good way to go? Would the sound be too far away from the classic GJ sound? Thanks in advance :)


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