Stochelo Rosenberg's broken finger.

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Yesterday Stochelo Rosenberg posted a note on facebook saying he had broken the little finger on his left hand and has cancelled all dates for two months. Does anybody know any more? I wondered how he did it; I guess we can all have an accident some time but what precautions do other players on here take? I found out long ago that I was a better mechanic than a guitarist so have had to put up with injuries to my hands occasionally, but how careful can a pro' player be? I do worry about Jeff Beck though....


  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
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    Wow. that sucks... Positive thoughts out to him.

    It's a good point. You can't stop living life just because you make your living with your hands. I remember Robin Nolan coming over to do a tour in the states... maybe 2006? Around that time. He had a bike accident just before he came over and if I remember correctly, he did a gig before he knew how messed up his thumb was - then he went to a doctor. Can't imagine how he did it. He played Djangofest like that a few weeks later. Testament to his skill that he actually got around the neck fairly well once his thumb was taped up, though you could see that it hurt him to play. He altered his style a little, doing a lot more of that Ravi-Shankar finger-peddling thing that he does... sliding up & down the neck like that probably used a lot less thumb pressure. Amazing that he continued playing like that. On that same tour, his bassist, a guy named Michael Papillo, cut his hand on... I believe a cooking knife - and not a small cut. I remember running around Mississippi avenue looking for stores that carried superglue. Their running joke for that tour was: "Jesus Ted, be careful." (Teddy G was their rhythm guitarist and the only guy in the band that wasn't playing with an injury)

    Here's wishing Stochelo a speedy recovery.
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  • HemertHemert Prodigy
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    I talked to Stochelo. It's very unfortunate since a tour was just starting. He's doing well but is of course bummed out about this. It was just a stupid accident where he didn't see the sidewalk when crossing the street because it was dark. He was carrying a bag in his right hand that he didn't have the instinct to let go of so he broke the fall with his left hand.
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    This falling thing is going around. I had a bad spill in the parking lot at Django right in front of Nick Lehr. I was showing him the eclipse. Hit my face pretty hard but I don't think I broke my nose (it doesn't feel 100% right though so I'm going to get that checked soon) and fortunately missed taking out my flute maker's embouchure. And then earlier this summer my friend the great flute maker Rod Cameron (who is also a guitar player) had a bad spill in his workshop, breaking an arm and bashing his head. I hope Stochelo recovers soon!!!!

    Moral of the story: Don't fall down!!!!
  • spudspud paris, france✭✭✭✭
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    maybe he is working too hard on his django style playing for the film
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    I crushed and split the middle finger on my left hand unpacking the car after Django in June 2012. Took four stitches, two of them right through the nail! To make matters worse, we had three gigs lined up in the following couple of weeks. I had to train myself quickly to play three chord rhythm without that finger and turn all of my solos over to the other guys in the band. Every so often I would forget and plant that finger Ouch!

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    Get better soon, Stochelo's finger!

    And be careful with those, everybody!
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  • AmundLauritzenAmundLauritzen ✭✭✭✭
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    Get well soon, Stochelo!

  • dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
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    I forget his name but there s this guitar player who was in a caravan fire and lost the use of two of his fingers. He managed to play lead with the index and middle fingers. I heard he was quite good
    Chris Martinlostjohn
  • terrassierterrassier France
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    Thats Stuarts joke Dennis ;) ^^^^^
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