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    The latest from Joscho.....great to see him at DiJ this year!
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    Great great album. Love listening the exchanges between Joscho and the guys.
    Only thing he could've done it without Tommy. But I get it, he's the most commercially attractive guest. And I like Tommy's playing. It's his shouts, hollers and exclamations that I wish I didn't have to hear. Tommy will always find a way to put himself in a spotlight while supposedly turning the spotlight over to the other player/performer.
    See I'm writing a review on Joscho's new album and 70% of it I spent on writing about Tommy.

    Anyway I programmed mine to exclude songs with Tommy and am enjoying the rest a ton. What a great pairing of masters. They're all doing their best but it doesn't feel they are trying to outdo each other. I love it how easily recognizable the sound of each soloist is and how nicely they support each other with rhythm/solo exchange.

    A Gypsy jazz classic for sure!
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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