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  • DarrenKingUK 4:29PM

Stochelo teaches 'Blues en Mineur/ Minor Blues' and 'Flamingo'

HemertHemert Prodigy
edited July 2015 in Gypsy Jazz 101
Video lessons have been uploaded for 'Blues en Mineur/ Minor Blues' and 'Flamingo'. Here's some demos.

Blues en Mineur/ Minor Blues:


The tab, slowed down versions backing track can be downloaded in the member section. As usual every note is tabbed with fingerings, pick directions and theory information.



  • NejcNejc Sloveniaâś­âś­ Altamira M01
    I was recently thinking about subscribing but as far as I have noticed there are mostly lessons about songs. Are there also more theory based lessons? Since I like to learn songs by myself I am searching for a site dedicated more about theory. I would be glad if someone here can point me in some direction.
  • NejcNejc Sloveniaâś­âś­ Altamira M01
    Thats just what I was looking for! Didn't knew that Andreas is also teaching online. Thank you very much!
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