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AJL-Samois guitars & AJL Paulus Schäfer Samois guitarschool

Like last year we have AJL-Paulus Schäfer guitarschool in Samois at Hotel Countryclub, just one minute walk from festival island. Last time we had like 3-5 students for each session. one session was 2x45 mins 50 / eur. mail me and book you a seat. We try to arrange players in the same level for same session.

I also attach some pics of guitars that I have for sale/display in Samois. I have Model 503 VSOP, three different Model 503 XO, from straight grain to rare extremely figured Brazilian rosewood B&S. Also this Famous Django's J'attendrai guitar - 14 fret short scale with D-hole guitars fingerboard...! Favino sized Model Gypsy-Fire- And my latest invention,- Quiet & Portable guitar (that your wife will love ;).

See You there

Master Luthier - AJL-Guitars

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