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Lefty Alves de Puga handmade 2003 for sale $2050 with bigtone installed!

edited June 2015 in Classifieds
[img][/img]For sale is the wonderful left handed gypsy guitar SL14 built by the French luthier Jean Louis Alves de Puga in 2003. You'd be hard-pressed to find another one like it. This older model has got some good mojo going for it. This has the typical sound of a Selmer-Macaferri-style guitar. Plays so easily and sounds great to boot.

• back and sides Indian rosewood,
• spruce top,
• neck made of 50 years old walnut with truss-rod,
• ebony fingerboard and bridge,
• 14 frets at the heel,
• 670 mm scale,
• Piezzo pickup, Dupont "bigtone" incorporated in the bridge. $350 value alone.

The guitar is in very good condition and plays super well. There's a little crack near the mouth hole that will never expand or affect the guitar at all (as inspected by guitar luthiers and told me so) Comes with a hardshell gig case.
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