bad video, good audio from Frank Vignola Sextet 2-6-15

murrayatuptownmurrayatuptown Holland, MI✭✭
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From my Google+ account - sorry for the goofy URL:

Frank & Vinny on guitars
Julien Labro on Chromatic Button Accordion
Carl Cafagna on soprano & tenor sax + flute
Tom Knific on bass (hard to see him; sorry)
Tim Froncek on drums

I told Frank I'm be contacting him about my bootleg video. He joked to someone I couldn't see (I assume Vinny): Hey! You here that? Bootleg video!", then turned back to me and said 'Any time!'.

I say this, possibly already did previously, in case anyone is concerned about it.

The camera (Frankencam IV) has a lot of problems, but the audio is decent. It's doesn't stay in focus, and to make matters worse, I put black tape over the LCD screen as a courtesy to others in the audience.So, the video is slightly better than if you had the camera on a collar on St. Bernard.It's been dissected a number of times to modify the internal mic, then had an outboard jack added to avoid the certain failure repeated dis-assembly invites.

I am still struggling with video post-processing (CPU running at 100%), but if I could get it to work, I have some compression and EQ profiles that really enhance it...some day I'll get that working. Meanwhile I've performed surgery on Frankencam V, and It doesn't work. It usually takes a couple tries (no schematics).

If you don't trust clicking on a mystery link...sorry. I haven't put it on Youtube. It would be nice if one cort just port it from Google+ to Youtube, but apparently not...despite being krappy video, the file is still 800MB so it takes longer to upload than I like.
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