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Hi Greg,

I've been asked by some friends who are fans of Dudley's if there are any plans to postumously release any transcritions of Dudley's music. Were there any tunes which were going to be included in the Pearl Django book but that cut?

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    That would be a great study in chord melody. Something to consider for sure.

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    gregruby wrote:
    That would be a great study in chord melody. Something to consider for sure.


    Hi Greg,
    I still work thru the PD book and I have been playing around with the 2 Dudley Hill compositions. I was wondering if you could answer a question since you knew and played with him. Did he usually employ a pick/fingers combination during his chord melody runs/solos or did he use one or the other? Sometimes it sounds best to alternate between the two, but since I never got to see him play I thought maybe you could shed some light. I really like the two comps in the PD book and his style of playing in general.
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    I've had the Playalong book for a couple of months and am just now getting to it. I am a fan of the group, and I am especially drawn to Dudley's playing. I am a 40+ year player but new to gyspy styles. Dudley's contribution to the sound, in my opinion, bridge the range of styles from gypsy to swing and beyond, and makes your music more broadly accessible than solely to the gypsy-fanatic community.

    When I saw that two of his tunes were in the book, I was drawn to them. I'm working on New Metropolitan Swing now, but I'd love to see more of his wonderful music in print. I hope that Volume Two can include more of it.
    The book itself is very satisfying. I'm advancing through the tunes with your leadsheet format much more quickly than struggling with written solos. It's an excellent intro to the genre for an intermediate player.
    Thanks for the book and the music.
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    I received a private message from Matt (I think) discussing the music of Dudley Hill. I didn't realize I'd have to save the message in order to be able to contact my correspondent again, but lost tarck of our conversation. Please contact me again, either PM or as a post on this forum so that we may discuss this topic further.

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