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Anyone want to make their own picks ? Faux tortoise scraps

edited January 2014 in Classifieds
Like the title sais, I have scrap sheet material of nice thick transparant faux tortoise. Normally would throw it away but I know especially gypsy players like this material to make thick picks (4 mm in thickness / 5/32")

It is on the bay with a starting price of just 1 pound - and I dont care what the final price will be. Rather make someone happy for the one pound than chunk it all in the thrash bin.

See http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tortoise-Cellulose-Sheet-Scrap-Material-Guitar-pick-Knife-handle-Inlay-work-etc-/261364155421

BTW this is my first post here, hope that it is OK to make it a for sale ad.... I do own a nice old Selmer too !!! ;-)


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