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Buyer beware - Gallato then and now

I thought I would post a quick note on some research I have been doing on the new Gallatos that are now available.I thought I would post a quick note on some research I have been doing on the new Gallatos that are now available.

As some of you that have owned the Model 452 know how great they are. The wood is nice the playability is great and the tone really hits the mark. When word of more of the 452s started circulating I was very happy to know that these guitars were going to be available again. Upon seeing the new batch I was very disappointed. *** I have not heard or played one so this is my first impression as I have only seen the new ones just a day or so ago.*** The shape of the instrument looks more like a Pattenote. This is all fine and good as I my self own a Pattenote and it has a distanced “Pattenote” tone. Nothing like the Gallotos I have played. My fear with the new bread of Gallato is that the time taken in the past to up hold the Selmer tone has slipped on these new guitars. If any of you have built your own instrument you know how much more time it takes to get that tight bend around for make the “cut away” that makes these guitars what they are. My thought is that if this very noticeable change has been allowed what other things have changed? If I’m going to spend over $2,000 for a guitar I really want it to play, sound and look right. The Pattenote is a $900 guitar. With some work they play great and sound like an old school gypsy guitar. I would recommend them to any one as long as they were willing to put the time in to e making them play and sound good. (for more info on what I did to my Pattenote I would be happy to start another thread. Please do not turn this thread into a Pattenote discussion.) But with a name like Gallato I would hope that those sort of precautions did not have to be in the back of the buyers mind. I know that all guitars, no matter how expensive, need their fare share of set up for the individual player. But the one thing you can’t really change is the sound. And that is why we spend so much money. And that should be there on an instrument in the price range of the Gallato. I’m really looking forward to hearing and playing a new Galaato and truly hope they are great. But at this point I have my reservations.


  • the new Gallatos are cheap and I think made in Asia - the luthier of the old Gallatos was Geronimo Mateos. He has now started making guitars under his own name - so the original Gallato guitars are still around, they just have a different brand name now:

    http://www.gypsyjazz.net/prodDetail_gui ... id=5&pid=1
  • sockeyesockeye Philadelphie sur SchuylkillNew
    I think Josh is talking about the Geronimo Mateos guitars in his post above (see the G Mateos logo on the peghead).

    Josh, are your comments all based on the photos you posted? Or did you see one in person?
  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator
    You hit it on the head when you said "made in Asia". Might as well buy a Gitane for less the half the price. When looking at the new Gallato they just have a less time taken look to me. There are many good options out there in the same price range that I would feel much better about buying.
  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator

    Form the photos and talking via emails with the people in France selling them and people here is the states that know about as much as I do about them. Again I have note played one. They might be great but little is known at this point. I hope they are great so we can all add another option to our next guitar purchase!

  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator
    Here are some pictures I got from a sell in France the other day. They D looks fun to play but I'm still apprehensive.
    angello.jpg 17.8K
    boucheD.jpg 18.5K
  • Hi Josh,

    I have tried the D-hole model several times. And I can tell the neck is very thick. The fingerboard is flat with edges cutting.

    Definitely that's a guitar for MAN !
    But what surprise me each time, that's this guitar is comfortable after a while. And I can't tell the same thing with every guitars !

    That's a guitar that sounds loud !

    2 things i will take care before buying:
    first: the bridge: adjustment to your needs and also, it looks cheap !
    secondly: the fingerboard too flat for me: I am able to play 2 hours on a such guitar ?

    But may be there are new versions of this guitar and modifications have been done.

    PS: this guitar have a Gallato label on the head, not Geronimo.
  • I'm telling you, the old Gallatos are still being made by the same guy but now under a different name because he started hsi own company - check the link I sent.
  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator

    I believe you. I just want people to know that there are now another "Gallato" that might not be what they are thinking of when they hear Gallato. The models I posted 2nd have the Gallato logo on the head but look different then the old Gallatos. There are changes being made and I just want every one to know before they slap down over 2k. That is all. I'm not saying they are bad I'm just putting the facts out there. I don't want to say they are bad... I hope they are good! If they are I want the D hole model in my collection!

  • sockeyesockeye Philadelphie sur SchuylkillNew
    I just want people to know that there are now another "Gallato" that might not be what they are thinking of when they hear Gallato. The models I posted 2nd have the Gallato logo on the head but look different then the old Gallatos.


    I'm confused. You keep talking about these "new Gallatos" but what you're describing and the pictures you've posted, are the guitars made by Geronimo Mateos and sold under his own name. Do these guitars have the word "Gallato" anywhere on them? The peghead you showed clearly says "G Mateos".

    I don't see anything wrong with the pics you posted, nor do I think it looks particularly like a Pattenote.

    I'm certainly no expert, but if your goal is to clear up confusion, I'd ask if that's what your posts are really accomplishing.

  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
    Not to add to the confusion, but it looks like something along these lines has happened:

    -The photos showing the "new shape & peghead" in the first thread are the Mateos that nwilkins mentions, NOT the new Gallatos. Maybe Josh just posted the wrong photos originally?

    -The photos Josh posted a few replies later (the Angelo & the D hole) ARE the new Gallatos. You can see the shape of the petite bouche model does look different and has begun to edge toward the Pattenotte shape...

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