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  • fretwear 6:12PM
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Antonio Petrarca guitars?

Anyone have information on these guitars? Does anyone own one or has anyone played one? I'd like to learn more.


  • fourowlsfourowls Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaNew Petrarca Grande Bouche
    Hi there...your question is probably not relevant anymore and you have a manouche guitar anyway. I have just recently purchased a grande bouche that Antonia Petrarca built (he also calls himself Tony Boch for some reason) and it is a beautiful instrument. Superbly crafted, balanced tones, lovely neck and easily one of the nicest mid range guitars I have had. By mid range I mean between the $1500 - 2000 mark. It looks stunning in its walnut and darker amber finishing, but I can definitely recommend this luthier to anyone! I will be keeping it!
  • Chris MartinChris Martin Shellharbour NSW Australia✭✭ Petrarca, Di Mauro x 3, Sonora, Favino (classical), Bucolo, Hoyer, Martino resonator and a few electrics.
    edited May 2017
    Yes, Andrew does indeed have a fine 'Grande Bouche' there and I have two more here in Australia. I had Tony make my 'Chorus' style model to my specs with spruce top, maple back and sides in 2014. I bought the second hand 'Petite Bouche' from him a year later. It has spectacular cocobolo back and sides and I think it had been one of his gigging guitars for a couple of years. He is based in Sauve in southern France and only makes a few at a time when he is not touring, I know Drom Blanchard is one of his better known customers.
    Bill Da Costa Williams
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