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Any Jacques Favinos out there ?

Al WatskyAl Watsky New JerseyVirtuoso
edited August 2013 in Welcome Posts: 440
Yes, I am a nerd of the highest order when it comes to guitars.
Feel free to mock me if you like.
Here is my question.
Do any of you folks out there have a Jacques Favino guitar, say an early to mid 60's model, that has never been refretted ?
I would appreciate a picture of the fret ends.
Yes you heard right.
A picture of of the fret ends from the JF shop from the early to mid 60's.
I'm cross referencing to another guitar which displays an unusual fret end method.
Its not the Selmer type with the round inset ends.
I'm simply curious, but if any of you possess an original Jacques from the 60's I would love to see a picture of the fret ends.
Thanks :D
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