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Are the DR tuners good or just pretty?

shegashega Colorado✭✭✭
Hello everyone, I have enjoyed reading these posts in the last year and am happy to enter the forum.

This topic (DR tuners) has come up before, but I haven't been able to tell whether or not people are actually happy with them mechanically. I know they are beautiful, but I fear that they don't satisfy on the functional side if beautifulness is all anyone can confidently say about them.

I have a '97 Dupont with the stock gaudy, bright-gold-and-perloid tuners, and have been wanting to upgrade to the DR tuners, if and only if they are functionally up to par. Of course Jaques has affirmed that they are excellent tuners, but I would like to know from others what they really think. As of today they are $300. Expensive, yes, but I am willing to get them if other players have found them to be good tuners in and of themselves. An amateur at most, I am a rather aggresive player with a heavy hand, so I find myself tuning up quite a bit, and have always appreciated smooth gears.

I remember looking at Django's guitar in the museum in France back in the 90's,and thinking that, of all the elements of his guitar, his tuners were especially sublime-little pieces of art deco metalwork. I felt that it was something sorely missing from the guitars coming out of the luthiers' studios in modern times. But that has changed, now we have Eimers, Miller, and DR tuners. I think the DR are the most attractive, but I would consider the Millers (how do you purchase them? I cannot find a purchase link on the Miller website).

So, musicians, who among you has them, and what are your opinions on the DR tuners? (I'll hold onto my $300 for now...)

Thank you so much,



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