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Fast Triplet Lick... Help...

tobykeatobykea New ZealandNew
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Hi there everyone, I'm quite new to this gypsy game as far as playing is concerned. I've been listening to Django and the Rosenbergs for a couple of years now and finally decided to take the plunge and put some serious effort into playing in the style.

I bought the Gypsy Picking book a few years back and there is one lick in there that always had me baffled as to how these guys like Jimmy , Stochelo, Joscho etc could execute at lightning speed.

From memory the lick from the book is exercise 10.2, I may be wrong but it's the minor, minor/maj7,min7,minor6 descending triplet lick.

I've attached a link with Joscho Stephan playing in which He uses the lick.

http://browsermail.com/page.html?p=0000 ... lburzIh74g

The question I have about this lick is are downstrokes used every time a string change occurs? e.g, is the lick performed DUDDDDDUD with the middle 3 downstrokes in the group of 5 being the sweep of the G,B and E strings in for example an A minor triad at the 14th,13th and 12th frets?

I find this very hard to do at the speed say Joscho is doing it at using this picking pattern.

Is there a secret way the guys like Jimmy R and Joscho do this at higher speeds? Like using some sort of alternate picking method in conjunction with the rest stroke method?

I would dearly love to get this lick down.




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