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Getting started with difficult chords

AraiArai New
edited March 2013 in Technique Posts: 4
Hi there,

I'm sure this has probably been discussed elsewhere, so my apologies if this is asking the same thing again. Any help at all would be really appreciated.

I've just started getting into the style and am loving it so far. Learning about and trying to replicate some of the subtleties of a 'simple' pompe is fascinating.

My big problem is with all these new chords - covering multiple strings without muting others, using the thumb - it feels like I'll never get the hang of these, let alone actually be able to play them in a song. I'm not a very experienced guitar player to start with, so I've got a lot of work to do.

Just wondering where is the best place to start in terms of exercises, or lessons or techniques that might help me in the beginning stages with GJ chords? My teacher tells me not to give up on the harder ones - the do sound lovely when I can manage them - but just wondering what other people have done that helped them in the beginning?

Thanks for any help,


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