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  • juanderer 11:37AM
  • Twang 11:37AM

Fishman Mic (edit: L. R. Baggs, my bad)

Hey guys,

I was at NAMM this weekend and saw that Fishman has a new internal mic system. I couldn't really tell how it sounds since the event hall is so loud but from what I could tell it seemed ok.

It attaches right to the inside of the top right under the bridge.

They also have a combo setup (mic and undersaddle pickup) that might be interesting but I've never liked the sound of piezo pickups but maybe you can blend the mic in enough to make it work. I think the idea is that the piezo is less suseptable to feedback so you use that for the lows and then use the mic for the highs.

The mic alone I think retails for about 200 and the combo is 300 $US.

Has anyone tried out the internal mic on a gypsy guitar?



  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    I'm a Fishman dealer so I'll have to checkout their internal mic. However, generally internal mics sound pretty boxy and feedback easily. For less $ you could get a PRO70 and use the unimount to get it mounted internally:

    http://shoppingcart.djangobooks.com/Ite ... 8-unimount
  • BonesBones Moderator
    The mic is actually an L.R. Baggs. My bad, I saw so much stuff at NAMM it's hard to keep it all straight.

    The mic alone is called the "Lyric" I think (or Tru-mic).

    The mic and piezo setup is called "Anthem".

    I might give the Tru-mic a try just to check it out. I think it runs less than 200$US.
  • Hi Bones, did you try the mic??
    I'm thinking of buying baggs anthem but couldn't find many opinions about it.

  • BonesBones Moderator
    No never tried it. Pretty happy with my Schertler setup so not enough motivation to spend the $ and try the Baggs.
  • Got it.

    What model is it?

  • Al WatskyAl Watsky New JerseyVirtuoso
    I sell and install many pickup lines.
    The Anthem is good. Not fussy about where its mounted and has "air" like a mic but can generate pretty good sound pressure level.
    It would be a choice for Sel/Mac guitars . With the Selmer oval type its about if you can get your paw through the hole. Some you can come you can not.
    On some later Favino's the hole is large enough for the hand , some not. Actual Selmers, not. Knock off's , you give it a try .
    Find a 12 year old or a "tiny person" to reach in there for you.
    Get the jelly off their fingers first .
    I find its handy to have a hose at the ready and just give them a going over before you let them into the shop.
    IMO most anything works. The trick is getting something you actually like. Thats really the problem, you need to install the pick up on your actual instrument to know if you compliments or detracts from the qualities of that instrument or not.
    The pick up thing is highly subjective.
  • I installed the LR Baggs Anthem on my GJ15 and it sounds incredible. So full and so true. I run it through a loop pedal and into a Fishman 60w acoustic amp. The rig is a dream and is perfect for my gigging every week. Go buy the Anthem. You'll love it so much
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