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Andreas Oberg in Portland !

lmntrylmntry Portland , Oregon✭✭✭✭
edited February 2006 in North America
Hi all:

Andreas Oberg will be here in Portland , Oregon , January 10th through 17th!!.. and has made it known that he intends on working while here,.....
so he will be offering an additional workshop or two.

Workshop will be :
2 hours in length
Held Saturday afternoon/early evening

Limited to first 5 applicants for personal attention.

Workshop will be an overview of Gypsy jazz staples and techniques
such as:

1. working on some standard songs and for these songs:
teaching rhythm
teaching chord-shapes
teaching arpeggios
teaching picking patterns and reststrokes
teaching solo-lines
teaching improvisation over chord-patterns(cliches like bridge of
Stompin at Decca etc.)
Your own ideas are also welcome of course:)

Private lessons are also available .

Contact me at
<!-- e --><a href="mailto:dstassens@comcast.net">dstassens@comcast.net</a><!-- e -->..... to reserve a slot.

(P.S.) There is 1 slot open for the 6 hour master class !



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