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Webcam lessons - Logitech C910 issues

PassacagliaPassacaglia Madison, WI✭✭✭✭
edited June 2012 in Recording
Hey all, not sure where to post this, but hope someone has some experience with this. Very much looking forward to an upcoming webcam lesson with Adrian Holovaty. The one concern I have is my Logitech webcam, a C910 - it's fine for recording on slower tempo stuff, but at faster temps, there's quite a bit of vid blurring (I wish my hands were that Matrix-like dizzying...!) and a weird kind of phase-shift audio distortion can creep in.

Anyone have any specific suggestions? I've gotten some great advice from Archtop Eddy on recording stuff, but not sure on straight-ahead skype exchanges...ahem, I really know nothing about today's technologies - if something like an Itouch, with the same aud-vid setup as the iPhone 4S; can this be plug and played into a PC as a webcam, with decent properties, and recording software to capture the stuff? (e.g., "Callburner" supports PC skype, as I understand it).

Or otherwise, how have people found Logitech cams for these kinds of lessons?

Thanks, all.


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