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how would django have picked tiger rag?

Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆModerator 503
edited June 2012 in Gypsy Picking Posts: 1,020
i'm finding the start bit of tiger rag quite difficult to play at that speed and am wondering what fingerings django may have used. if i play it in 1 position then the gypsy picking feels awkward and seems to put accents in strange places, also i need to use a lot of fingers so i guess django would not have played it in one position. if i try to play it two notes per string , and moving horizontally, then the gypsy picking feels natural (actually same as alternate picking) without consecutive downstrokes , but it also feels a bit awkard to be shifting up the neck on a descending line. trying 3 notes per string gives DUD DUD picking pattern which feels good but doesn't sound right

i guess because it's basically running down the Bb major scale , rather than arpeggio-based, it doesn't suit the gypsy style very naturally !


  • rob.cuellarirob.cuellari ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 114
    are you just looking for the main theme of the song?

    G string, 3,2,0
    D string, 3,1,0
    A string, 3,1,0,1,3
    D string, 0,1,3
    G string, 0,2,3,2,3
    B string, 1,3

    works with regular gypsy picking. i hope that's what you're looking for.
  • Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆModerator 503
    Posts: 1,020
    oh right, i was trying to play it up an octave. and now that i think about it, django probably played the harmony line and it would have been grapelli that was starting at the Bb ...
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