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  • NylonDave 5:57AM

Lead in Chords for a song

gjazzgjazz Atlanta, Ga. USANew
I really like the Lead in chords used for "Lady Be Good" by Pearl Django on their "New Metropolitan Swing" CD.

Would Greg be so kind to show us those chords?

Or point us in the right direction, i.e. in the PD Book?




  • Those are patented Mr. Hill chords....sworn to secrecy under oath (just kidding). I'll have to go back and listen to the record as those really are Dudley's.

  • gjazzgjazz Atlanta, Ga. USANew
    Good one! :D


    I just bought Colin's books too, and maybe it'll give me some ideas on this as well.

  • I haven't had the privilege of hearing the said recording but I knicked off Denny Wright (Who played with Grapelli) Bm, Bb, Am, D7. One bar of each and the phrase is played twice before the band/ soloist comes in.

    I hope that helps. That is the way the Hot club of London has played it since Denny set the band up in 1953 and that is the way his replacement still plays it. :D

    Be lucky.
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