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B string is noticeably sharp when tuned...

kevingcoxkevingcox Nova Scotia✭✭✭✭ Dupont MD50
Okay, I know my topic doesn't make sense, but hear me out...

When I open tune my guitar things seem good, and if I do harmonics at the twelfth fret things seem well intonated (is that a word?). However, when I play octaves or chords up the neck I can hear that my B string is clearly out of tune in relation to my other strings and I have to tune it down about 15 cents in order to get rid of those horrid "waves" you hear when a string it out.

Any idea what could be causing this? Or, more importantly, how to fix it? I don't think it is a bridge position issue because my E string is fine, although there is a slight "hitch" in the way my bridge is designed.

Thanks for any advice.


  • Sometimes the b string position in the saddle needs to be set back a bit. Also make sure you are not pressing the strings too hard. If I push the strings down to the fretboard at the mid point instead of just touching the fret there is a noticeable pitch difference. If its not the player thefor me the next steps as follows.

    With a really good accurate tuner check the octave harmonic on each string with its corresponding fretted octave and make a note of how far off each is.

    For example tune the open b string so it is perfectly I tune on the tuner. Lay the 12 th feet B harmonic and the tuner should say it is exactly one octave up in B. if not string is defective and replace it.

    Once b and octave are correct fret b octave with as gentle area sure as possible so it just touches the fret enougH to sound cleanly. Record how sharp or flat the tuner indicates the string to be.

    Do tis for all 6 strings and the take the guitar to a luthier who can then either move the bridge or adjust the saddle as needed.
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