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Gypsy Jazz Arpeggios App at App Store

bopsterbopster St. Louis, MOProdigy Altamira M30, Wide Sky PL-1
edited February 2012 in Technique Posts: 440 ... 72289?mt=8

Whose gonna be the first of us to try it? It's $10, but I wrote to the company and offered to post a review here for a free or discounted app purchase.


  • I picked it up. Not bad. Has forms for maj, min, dom, dim. I guess the fact that gypsy jazz has extended into the iPad realm is pretty cool. It does have the arp played with rhythm and also just a rhythm backing track for you. In all, I believe there are 40 forms. At 10 bucks, it's not necessarily a dirt cheap app, but one worthwhile if you want to practice or learn your arpeggios on the go.

    I think another app which I think is invaluable is the irealb. Go to the forums and download the gypsy jazz playlists. It'll take a few seconds at most. I haven't bought the jazz styles pack but I heard the la pompe, and it was a nightmare. Download something like the DAW multitrack and record your own backing tracks.
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