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New CD! Gustav Lundgren Plays Django Reinhardt

Gustav LundgrenGustav Lundgren Sweden✭✭✭ AJL
edited February 2012 in CD, DVD, and Concert Reviews Posts: 22
I just released my new CD with 16 songs of Django:

Place De Brouckère
Blues En Mineur
Swing 48
This Kind Of Friend
Appel Indirect
Mélodie Au Crépuscule
Vendredi 13
Douce Ambiance
Swing 42
Manoir De Mes Rêves
Blues Clair

I used some different styles and grooves for these songs and also a bunch of great musicians:

Gustav Lundgren - Steel String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Archtop Guitar, Drums, Violão de sete cordas, Cavaquinho, Acoustic Bass, Pandeiro, Agogo, Surdo, Tamborim, Cajon, Darbuka, Hand Claps
Andreas Unge - Double Bass
Thomas Eby - Congas, Timbales, Cajon, Darbuka, Maracas
Martin Widlund - Steel String Acoustic Guitar
Karl Olandersson - Trumpet
Klas Lindquist - Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
Fredrik Lindborg - Tenor Saxophone
Magnus Wiklund - Trombone
Daniel Tilling - Piano
Göran Lind - Double Bass
Mattias Puttonen - Drums

The CD is available at: ... hardt.html
Or: ... d492706455

Greetings / Gustav Lundgren
Gustav Lundgren (guitar), Founder of Hot Club de Suede. He’s endorsed by AJL-Guitars (signature model ), AK picks, B-Band, Eastman Guitars and AER.


  • Svanis1337Svanis1337 ✭✭✭
    Posts: 421
    Thank you for covering some less common songs. (In terms of covers.)

    This Kind Of Friend is a really uncommon cover. And I love Anouman, Manoir De Mes Rêves, Webster, Appel Indirect, Vamp, et.c.

    What is "This Kind Of Friend" really called? I've seen it as "What Kind Of Friend" and "Some Kind Of Friend" as well. It bothers me a bit.
  • Gustav LundgrenGustav Lundgren Sweden✭✭✭ AJL
    Posts: 22
    Haha, yes a saw What Kind Of Friend also somewhere, but it is registered as This Kind of Friend i think...? Well i can´t find it on ASCAP: ... 25&start=1

    Well, its a nice song anyway.

    Greetings / GL
    Gustav Lundgren (guitar), Founder of Hot Club de Suede. He’s endorsed by AJL-Guitars (signature model ), AK picks, B-Band, Eastman Guitars and AER.
  • Svanis1337Svanis1337 ✭✭✭
    Posts: 421
    It's either "This Kind Of Friend" or "What Kind Of Friend". It isn't registered because it was never actually properly released. The original recording by Django from August 25, 1947 is from a radio broadcast. (Radiodiffusion-Television Française, Paris) and those radio recordings were only transferred to disc and commercially released later. (In the 60's on Vinyl?)

    The other radio broadcasts suffered the same fate. the most famous would be the 1949 Rome sessions with Grappelli. Those were recorded by a chap named Christian Livorness. He stored them amongst Gorgonzola Cheese. A handful were damaged, some unissued because of damage. Those that were issued became so after the release of Vinyl when Livorness sold them. (Some tunes were too long to fit on 78's anyway.) Amongst the unissued ones was a recording of "Nuages". Nobody knows where these unissued discs are now.

    Amongst the records Unissued due to damage were:

    January-February 1949 Rome Acoustic Sessions:

    I'm in the mood for love
    Body and Soul
    Que Reste-t-il Nos Amours?
    and WL-216 which could be I'll never be the same, but sources vary.

    April-May 1950 Rome Electric Sessions:

    Stompin' At The Savoy

    Is this Mam'zelle? Imagine this played by Django and Stéphane with Bass, Piano and Drums! Wow!

    I alla fall, lycka till med försäljningen. Synd att jag inte kan lyssna på demon av "Impromptu". Det verkar vara någon tekniskt fel.

    Anyway, good luck selling your album. Unfortunately I can't listen to the preview of "Impromptu". Seems to be a technical issue.
  • Gustav LundgrenGustav Lundgren Sweden✭✭✭ AJL
    Posts: 22
    here is Impromptu:

    And here is a Video with some teasers:

    Gustav Lundgren (guitar), Founder of Hot Club de Suede. He’s endorsed by AJL-Guitars (signature model ), AK picks, B-Band, Eastman Guitars and AER.
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