Whether to buy asian or us/european

hey, need some help deciding what to buy. I'm a big fan of the favino sound and have been looking at the dell'arte angelo debarre guitar and a couple similar ones in that price range. But I'm unsure if I should try and stretch my price range of £1000 to get a Dell'arte hommage (probably preowned) of something in the league of that.
any advice on this topic would be helpful as its hard to find prices and info online.


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    Try to get one of the US built Dell'Artes if you can. Dell'Arte confuses things by sometimes using the same names for their US and Asian built guitars, so be sure you know what you are getting.

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    I would highly recommend saving the extra money for a guitar that you will be very happy with. Which one will bring a lifetime of happiness? Which one will you still love in ten years? That's the one to buy. Better to wait, even if it's a year, to save the extra money and buy the best quality instrument in your price range.
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