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Good sound with clip-on mic?

Jez TanJez Tan SingaporeNew
edited January 2006 in Gypsy Jazz 101 Posts: 39
Hi, I have a Gitane DG-255 and a decent Audio Technica ATM-15a clip-on mic fed into a PODXT Live (for EQing). I understand that the guitar sounds very undesirable with the mic alone, and some EQ does wonder, but there's this persistent air-sound that just doesn't sound professional when played live (ala cd recordings or any decent build-in pickups), not to mention that the feedback is horrendous. Anyone who encountered this problem b4 and has got any valuable tips for me? I position the mic near the bridge under the B string and secured it using bluetag. Exasperated!
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  • QuadropentaQuadropenta New England USANew
    Posts: 63
    The PODXT is not really meant for amplifying
    acoustic instruments. It's used for plugging in an electric guitar
    (with magnetic pickups) definitely not a microphone.

    Even if you were to run a piezo pickup into an acoustic preamp
    (Baggs/Fishman) then into the PODXT, the sound would be inferior IMO.
    I would run the mic or a piezo into an "acoustic" amp or a PA.
    You should place an acoustic preamp between pickup & PA.
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