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  • Gwen Cahue - Memories of Paris

    PapsPier wrote: »
    And Buco, to be accurate, Gwen Cahue does not live in Paris, but around Nantes (hence the name Memories of Paris).

    Gwen was living in Paris before moving, though, and you can hear the influence in the playing. When I was living there (around 2014) he was hosting a weekly boeuf at Trudain's Cafe in 75009

    As for the magic potion they're all drinking in Paris, I think it's Kronenbourg 1664?
  • Gwen Cahue - Memories of Paris

    Melkoni Project's FB page has a description of their trio, in French of course. Since I speak not a word of French, I skimmed through the text and came across the word "spleen," which, as a speaker of English, seemed out of place in a description of a musical partnership. Upon using Google Translate, that word 'spleen' was still there in the English. Curious, because I remembered the song "Tchavolo's Spleen," I googled "French expressions spleen" and found this:

    Spleen (nm) — Another 19th century, Baudelairian word. In French, spleen means melancholy, profound boredom and dissatisfaction. In fact, its synonymous with another French word that the English language has adopted: ennui.


    I WONDERED why there was a song about Tchavolo's internal organ - now I know. I learn something new every day...
    Wim Glenn
  • Vette chords

    It comes out of nowhere... ;)
  • Upstroke

    I've never seen a capo like that - must be an old Selmer model...
  • Upstroke

    mmaddox wrote: »
    Well Michael it doesn’t appear that anyone was interested in answering your question!
    Give it time.
    BucoBill Da Costa WilliamsBonesAndyW
  • Upstroke

    Well Michael it doesn’t appear that anyone was interested in answering your question!
    juandererWim GlennBucoBill Da Costa WilliamsBonesAndyW
  • Top tips.

    Lango Djabgo - I can't even django Django never mind out-django him.
    NylonDaveAndrew UlleBonesDeuxDoigts_Tonnerre
  • Top tips.

    I like all these thoughts.

    Just playing the melody with occasional cool variations is real nice.

    I’ve given up on trying to out-django Django... ain’t gonna happen!
  • Top tips.

    Me? LoL - the only advice *I* can give is "the more you learn, the less you know" :-)
  • Caponnetto-guitar for sale !

    Well I'm dreaming of a wee trip to Nice for this baby, maybe I'll swing by the Netherlands on my way home with my suitcase full of leftover money.....Maybe.
    Bill Da Costa Williams
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