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Tchan Tchou Live (Montpellier 1989): La Gitane

Paul “Tchan Tchou” Vidal is the most respected musician of the “Southern” school of Gypsy guitar playing. Unlike Django who was a Manouche or Sinti Gypsy, Tchan Tchou was from the Gitane tribe which has roots in Spain. Hence, his music had a strong flamenco influence. He also absorbed other Mediterranean influences, most notably Corsican folk music.


Tchan Tchou’s jazz playing tended to be much simpler then the Parisian based Manocuhe and Gitane Gypsies. His strong point was boleros, waltzes and folk tunes such as Two Guitars and Dark Eyes.


Tchan Tchou’s most famous composition is the waltz La Gitane. It is a stunning display of virtuosity that has become a “test” piece for all aspiring Gypsy guitarists. This live version was recorded in 1989. It has some interesting variations not found in the more commonly heard 1960 version (see the CD: Gipsy Jazz School).

From the collection of Scot Wise.



MP3: La Gitane

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