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In Memoriam: Mary Honcoop (1952-2004)

Saturday november 6th, Mary has peacefully died at 14.30 hrs local time. She was surrounded by her children, Peter and the Rosenberg Trio.


Mary was one of the most important contributors to the Gypsy jazz revival over the past decade. She was selfless in her assistance to both Sinti artists who often needed help negotiating the gadjo world, and to visiting Gypsy jazz enthusiasts from around the world for whom she showed the kindest hospitality.

During my research in The Netherlands (2001-2002) Mary continually offered a helping hand. Whenever I was homeless, lost, broke, hungry, Mary was always there to help. She set up meetings with famous Sinti guitarists, bought concert tickets for me, reserved me a camping spot at Samois, and fed me all the time. Honestly, I don’t think my research would have been possible without her.

She was a central figure in the Gypsy jazz community and a close friend. She will be sorely missed.


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